This is the homepage of Bart Grantham. I am a software developer, musician, and tinkerer who occasionally snowboards. For those interested in my professional background, my resume is available.

I am a member of the Fraternity of Petals Around the Rose.

Previous versions of this website have been served from a DEC Alpha Multia, a Sun Ultra 5, and an ancient Sony Viao Desktop, all running OpenBSD. I still love OpenBSD, but I find it increasingly impractical for serving my website, so I've moved to Linux.

Today this site is served by sNews, hacked up to support PostgreSQL and to better integrate with webservers that don't support .htaccess files. It's served from an eBox 4300 running Ubuntu Server and Lighttpd, from my home Verizon FiOS line. We'll see how long this configuration lasts until I get antsy and start changing things and make this page outdated.

While the inaugural post was made in Feb. 2011 I have had a ton of content come and go at this web address, so I'll probably be backfilling content and dating it appropriately. Just another case of using a database as a time machine.

For amusmement here's the original "About this server" from when I first registered bartgrantham.com back in 2002.