MacBook Pro LTE

Now that all major carriers in the U.S. (and abroad?) have standardized on a single technology for 4G cellular data, will Apple produce a MacBook Pro LTE? As someone who has a pretty hefty Caltrain commute these days, I certainly hope so! Bonus points if it's multi-band so that it is carrier-neutral. On second thought, that's essential. I think most people would pass on the feature if it meant their personal laptop was tied to a specific cell provider.

Edit : Really guys? I can only assume that they had to make a choice between integrating Haswell into the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro they made the obvious choice of the MBA, but it still sucks for those of us with ~5 year old original unibody Macbooks who are ready to upgrade. No one but the universe is listening, but FWIW I want a new Retina Macbook Pro with Haswell, LTE, and a 1T drive on the PCIe bus. That would last me another 5 years.