MacOS X 10.7 Was A Turd

The progression from MacOS 10.4 -> 10.5 -> 10.6 was amazing. It seemed that with every iteration the OS got smaller, faster, and more capable.

And then 10.7 dropped, and ever since I've been plagued by this kind of thing:

That's a pretty serious layout bug. And it occurs after TextEdit hangs for a solid 10 seconds after hitting "Save"! And sometimes it hangs for 30 seconds or more, after which that encoding pull-down appears out in the middle of the desktop with nothing around it, and no way to close it. In fact, orphaned UI elements seems to be a hallmark of my experience with 10.7.

I can't imagine the bug that might cause this. Perhaps it's an upgrade issue because I didn't install clean? Perhaps it's an incompatibility with something else I have installed?

My guess is that this bug is related to multi-threading in the UI, with goofy race conditions and possibly thread time-outs borking the layout engine.

And also with 10.7, wifi takes FOREVER to reconnect after coming out of sleep. It takes just long enough to reconnect that Firefox barfs up this infuriating dialog:

And a half second later it's connected.

Granted the 2WIRE access point that AT&T gave us is probably as much to blame, but this wasn't a problem with 10.6. And that's the point: I didn't have the issues with 10.6 that I have had with 10.7.

10.8 comes out tomorrow and I have high hopes. It doesn't look like they're trying anything too ambitious, which I expect means that they've been focusing on shoring up the internals. I have my fingers crossed, and this time I'm doing a fresh install.