This machine is a DEC Multia workstation with an Alpha Processor running at 166 MHz, 128M of RAM, and 9G of disk space.
The operating system is OpenBSD, my personal favorite UNIX for it's paranoid approach to security, with Apache as the webserver.

Besides being the home of my online presence, this machine also supports my work on my toy Operating System (currently unnamed) by hosting a virtual x86 machine (bochs) and exporting the output of that app to an X windows server on my windows workstation. This machine also acts as my firewall/NAT/gateway and DHCP server for my apartment LAN. In other words, this little fighter does a lot.

It's the least it can do for me having saved it's life via some very difficult electronics surgery, but that's another story....

Here is the ByteBench for this machine.
Here is the Bonnie output for this machine.
Here is the Stream for this machine.
Here is this machine suffering the "Multia Heat Death", courtesy of the jaw-dropping AA-lib.