If it isn't an "old adage", it should be: it can take as long or longer to undo something as it did to do it in the first place.

If all planning took this into account the world would be a better place.

Or at least the tech industry.

Apache Sucks

I've always hated Apache. It's huge and bloated and while it can do almost everything, it doesn't seem to excel at anything. The qualified news that nginx is now the #2 web server in the world gives me some hope. To this practitioner Apache feels like the IE6 of the web serving world: it was popular for no good reason except the early-2000's trend toward consolidation in platforms, but nowadays there's much better alternatives available.

A particular headache is Apache's kinda-like-XML-but-not-really syntax and how it will do surprising and nonintuitive things if you're not a complete expert in the system. At work we've observed 3 different strange and unexpected behaviors from our Apache install in the past few weeks. All examples are on Apache/2.2.15 as distributed with RHEL 6.1.

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A few weeks ago our AppleTV suddenly, without warning, lost almost all of the menu items under its "TV" tab. The only option there was to watch episodes we had already downloaded. No browsing a store, "top shows", or anything of the sort. It was odd and surprising. One minute we were watching a show we had just downloaded and when the show was over and it dropped us into the menu we were missing key functionality.

In the troubleshooting process I tried rebooting, resetting, and finally, a factory restore. The AppleTV UI obviously keys off of data downloaded from the iTunes store so that it can provide an up-to-date storefront. What I hadn't realized was that the core menu system was ALSO driven over the network from the iTunes store. Once the factory restore was complete I was staring at the original AppleTV UI (I had forgotten how much worse it was) and... the menu was still missing almost all the entries!

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Jobs Steps Down

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple as part of the NeXT acquisition in February of 1997, AAPL was trading around $4 a share.

When he took over as "Interim CEO" in July of that year, it was trading around $3.60.

When he resigned his position as CEO today after 14 years in the role, the stock closed at $376.18, a hundredfold increase, and with a market capitalization greater than almost every other company on the planet.

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My iPhone5 rumor

I'm going to make a crazy prediction based on zero inside knowledge whatsoever: The iPhone 5 will have a similar form factor as the iPhone 3/iPhone 3GS, but instead of a plastic back it will be molded out of Liquidmetal.