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Please do not contact me about anything involving Splunk.

Hey, recruitment professionals!

First off, my resume is also available to download as an Word doc and a PDF. And if you need to print this page, the style sheet will make sure that everything comes out ok, including hiding this information box.

About me. I have worked with a whole lot of technologies over the years, but I haven't included everything here. If you have keywords to match that you aren't seeing here, just let me know.

The LogicOps3 demo video referenced in the print version of my resume is available here.

You (or your client) can check out my documented projects. Some technical, some not. Some serious, some not.

Also available are examples of my technical writing.

Bart Grantham
800 High School Way Apt 306; Mountain View, CA 94041
Software Engineer / Systems Architect / Technology Leadership
Objective : To build amazing technology that positively contributes to the world, and to have fun doing it.
Summary : An experienced developer with upper management experience.  Broad and deep technical expertise.  Has a genuine love for great technology. Proven ability to deliver complex projects, as well as understand and incorporate business objectives into production systems. Experienced in reverse-engineering. Usability tyrant. Excellent communication skills, detail-oriented, passionate, empathetic. Takes personal integrity seriously. Sense of humor.
Education :
B.S. in Computer Science, 2000 - Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
B.M. in Music Composition, 2000 - Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Technology Portfolio :
C, C++, Javascript, PHP, Perl, HTML5/CSS3, PostgreSQL, Linux, OpenBSD, Python, MySQL
Experience :
[05/13 - Present] Genecloud - Web Architect
(Secure Genomics Platform, Sunnyvale)
Currently building a platform for the secure storage and analysis of genomic data.
Key Technologies : Python/Flask, Lua, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Linux, bwa, samtools, SnpEff

[07/11 - 05/13] Splunk - Web Architect
(Log Analysis Software Vendor, San Francisco)
The stewardship and rehabilitation of Splunk’s application repository and distribution channel (Splunk Apps), providing support for both internal and external developers of add-on software for Splunk’s core product.
Key Technologies : Python/Django, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, Linux

[06/10 - 07/11] Freelance/Contract Projects Contract projects both locally in NYC and remote for various clients.
Key Technologies : PHP/CakePHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5 Canvas, Python/WSGI, Linux

[02/03 - 06/10] Logicworks - VP of Research & Development
(Internet Hosting Provider, NYC)
In the 7 years I was with Logicworks I was involved in virtually every aspect of the business, from the mundane to the critical. My primary responsibilities were as the architect of Logicworks' support systems, the director of our R&D efforts, and as the leader of our software development discipline.   Also, as one of four upper management positions at the company, I provided technical leadership as well as general managerial and strategic decision making.  I worked on competitive research, compliance, marketing and press, vendor partnerships, logistics, and designing Logicworks' organizational structure.  In addition to managing my small team's budget, I was engaged in high-level corporate finance issues.  During my tenure Logicworks tripled it's revenue and grew into an upscale brand in the managed hosting sector.
Key Technologies
PHP, jQuery, PostgreSQL (PL/pgSQL), Perl, DRBD, iSCSI, unixODBC/FreeTDS
  • Primary engineering contribution was LogicOps, Logicworks' integrated inventory management, CRM, enterprise message bus, and ticketing system.  Has proven to be a key differentiator for Logicworks in the hosting sector.  All details of Logicworks' physical and logical network are contained and managed in this database; all service tickets are organized through this system; and client-to-service access mapping is stored in this system.  A video demo of this system can be seen at my websiteby clicking here [jQuery, PHP5, PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS2]
  • Built and managed Logicworks' password management system, a critical component of Logicworks achieving SAS70 Type 2 compliance.  This web-based system uses public key cryptography to grant access to passwords at single-user granularity without requiring the storage of the passwords in plaintext [Perl, Crypt::RSA, PostgreSQL]
  • Managed the construction of Logicworks' new office in Soho, NYC.  Collaborated with architects, primary contractor, subcontractors, landlord, and DOB expeditor
  • Spearheaded the creation and staffing of Logicworks' "Datacenter Logistics Team", a critical component in structuring Logicworks' growth
[10/00 - 02/03] Fuel NA - Sr. Software Developer
(Interactive Agency, NYC)
Before absorption by EuroRSCG, Fuel NA was a full-service web agency within the advertising agency MVBMS.  As a Sr. Software Developer, my role was largely split between hands-on engineering and consultation with clients and project managers.  I worked on projects for New Balance, International Paper, GlaxoSmithKline, MCI, and Volvo.
Key Technologies
Perl, PHP, Java, ASP, Solaris, Linux, OpenBSD, Windows 2000, mySQL, MS SQLServer 7/2000
  • Designed and developed an acclaimed web campaign that incorporated WAP, interactive TV, streaming multimedia, and traditional web design for a Volvo/NCAA cross-promotion [Perl, mySQL, Linux, HTML/CSS/WAP]
  • Designed and developed an architecture for customer relationship management that supported arbitrary user data, tracking of user traffic, communication warehousing, mass emailing, list management, and reporting [Perl, mySQL, Linux]
  • Designed and developed real-time database statistics tools for client use [ASP, Windows 2000, MS SQL]
  • Supported a large J2EE CMS (ArsDigita, aka Redhat CCM), the engine behind www.newbalance.com [Java, XML/XSLT, Linux, Oracle]
  • Created Fuel NA's Q/A process; equipped and set up the Q/A lab
  • Rebuilt and managed organization-wide web statistics system
[05/00 - 10/00] Cythere (nurun) - Software Engineer, System Admin, IT Manager
(Interactive Agency, NYC)
Go-to "computer guy" for the NYC office.  I was responsible for maintenance of Python CGI scripts for the production Evian website, running our office IT infrastructure, and bridging the gap between the local design staff and overseas development teams.  Clients included L'Oreal, Evian, and Biotherm.
Key Technologies
Python, Perl, ASP, Solaris, Linux, MS SQLServer 7, Informix
  • Refactoring of Evian website into self-contained version for mobile promotions using locally installed Python to support interactivity and collect data
  • Development of Python and Perl CGI scripts on Solaris and Linux
  • Coordination of development projects with international resources
  • Administration of L'Oreal and Evian production web servers
[01/00 - 05/00] NASA Langley DAAC (CSC) - System Administrator, Operator
(Langley, VA)
My responsibilities at the Langley NASA Digital Active Archive Center (DAAC) were as a processing software operator with some light systems administration.  I also contributed a few system management tools that dramatically reduced the workload for the operator staff and provided the development team from Lockheed-Martin greater visibility into processing failures and general system efficiency.
Key Technologies
Perl, Solaris, Sybase, DCE
  • Development of web-based system management tools
  • Operation of satellite data processing software [DCE]
  • System administration of Solaris, IRIX, and HP/UX

Hobbies and Interests :
Writing, recording, and performing music; electronics and microcontroller programming; snowboarding; scuba diving; woodworking; film and photography; Z80 assembly language
References available upon request